Lifus Day: Celebrating Life, Unity, and Global Impact


"Lifus" stands for "Life is for us," and it is pronounced as "Life us". It is a new, borderless, global holiday that embraces the essence of life, unity, and making a positive impact on the world. It is a revolutionary concept that will transform the way we celebrate holidays in the United States.

The Meaning Behind Lifus Day

The idea is simple: life is a precious gift meant to be cherished and shared with others. Lifus Day symbolize unity and human connects beyond the boundaries of race, religion, and politics.

Monthly Celebration on the 8th Day

Unlike traditional holidays that occur once a year, Lifus Day takes place every month on the 8th day. This regular celebration provides an opportunity for family and friends to create lasting memories.

Embracing Traditions and Storytelling

Lifus Day encourages the preservation and sharing of family traditions, stories, and life lessons. Imagine passing down your grandmother's cherished recipes, your grandfather's heartwarming love story, or a survival skill from generation to generation through storytelling. Pass down natural gifts, skills, knowledge, stories, traditions, memories, experiences, and talents to preserve them! Share precious memories of loved ones who are no longer living.

Lifus Day celebrates the richness of our collective experiences and the wisdom gained from them. It is a day for real connections and a day to cease all commercial activity. The time spent with loved ones is a GIFT. Show up ready to take notes during story time. No purchased gifts. No shopping. No trinkets. No balloons. No greeting cards. No alcohol consumption. No tobacco consumption.

Enjoy dinner, dessert and sparkling cider with family & friends in-person or video call. 
Gather at 6 PM ~ Dinner at 7 PM ~ Storytelling at 8 PM

Join the Lifus Day Movement

We invite you to be part of this groundbreaking movement. Embrace Lifus Day as a replacement for all U.S. holidays, celebrating life, unity, and global impact every month on the eighth day. Together, let's create a world where love, compassion, and positive change are at the heart of our celebrations.

When Lifus Day is adopted by people everywhere, it will be the first holiday in the history of humanity to transcend borders, bringing people together all over the world!

When people ALL OVER THE WORLD gather on the same day, we will have peace on earth.

Recommend Lifus Day as a National Holiday

Send this letter to U.S. officials to vote Lifus Day to become a National Holiday.


Lifus Day is a borderless, global holiday that is celebrated by people ALL OVER THE WORLD.  Please make Lifus Day an official holiday on the 8th day of every month.

Visit for details. 

Thank you.

Your name

Global Impact through the Power of Giving

To commemorate Lifus Day and make a tangible impact, we invite people and organizations to contribute to the Sunlight Campaign. Sunlight Campaign aims to inspire others to embrace legal education as a superpower.

Dr. Anelia Sutton, a renowned humanitarian and powerful legal advocate, created Lifus Day to harness the spirit of global unity and the Sunlight Campaign to promote social justice through legal education. The ripple effect of both events is compassion.

Lifus Day was created by a humanitarian who desire a world above race, religion, and politics. Learn more: